God and Politics

“Many approaches developed after Christendom to deal with a world in which the church was no longer directly in control of the other sectors of society. In his excellent book The Good of Politics, James Skillen enumerates some of them: ‘Believing that Christ’s kingdom is spiritual, or not of this world, or only ecclesiastical, or only future, Christians have turned to nationalism, civil religion, liberalism, Marxism, and various forms of quietism … as guides to their engagement or non-engagement in earthly politics.’ [2] I might add the temptation to ‘theonomy,’ wherein the law of Moses is pretty much directly applied to government, including sanctions against adultery, blasphemy, or homosexuality.”- See more at: http://www.capitalcommentary.com/creation/good-friday-and-politics#sthash.520GSmT6.dpuf


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